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Lotus Mix is my personal work space where I compose, shape sound, mix, pre-master and sometimes record overdubs.  


Prism Sound Av'pa AD/DA converter

Rupert Neve 5211 pre amps (2)

Solid State Logic 'The Bus +' bus compressor

Pro Tools Ultimate w/ Slate and Waves plug ins

Slate MTi2 w/ 2 touchscreen monitors

Otari MTR-10 1/4" tape machine - modded by Lee Jackson


Focal Shape Twin Dual 5" monitors

Focal Sub One

Grado RS1x headphones

Slate VSX headphones



Universal Audio Ox Box

Lee Jackson custom Plexi amp


Martin D-41 (1976)

Martin D-35 (1999)

Martin 0016C (1962)

Martin Ukulele (1916)

Gibson ES-125 (1962)

Gibson ES-335 custom shop 59' re-issue (2008)

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe (1972)

Gibson SG Pro (1972)

Gibson Les Paul Special double cutaway (2005)

Fender Stratocaster (1976)

Fender Telecaster (2023)

Fender Mustang Bass 1964 re-issue (2023)

Gretsch Streamliner (2023)

Fender Squire Jazzmaster Baritone (2011)

Alvarez 5056 / Tree of Life (1976)

Supro lap steel (1956)


MIDI Keyboards

M-Audio Hammer 88 fully weighted controller

M-Audio Axiom 61 controller

Ivory 3 - Steinway D

Waves Grand

Waves Electric Grand 80

Waves Electric 200

Waves Electric 88

Arturia Analog Lab V

Arturia B-3 V

Arturia Mellotron V

Vienna Strings


Neumann-Geffell UM705 w/ M7 capsule (1972)

Neumann-Geffell UM57 w/ M7 capsule (1961)

Neumann-Geffell MV102 w/ K67 capsule (1963)

Neumann M147 / 1999

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